Activities for Groups

So you have an aphasia group. Congratulations!


Now what are you going to do?


Some hints:

Have extra paper and pens available for participants who want to write a word or some letters.

Get contact information from each participant so that you can notify them of future meetings, changes in schedule, special events.


Here are some activities that have been successful with our groups:


Talk about current events. The more controversial the better! Emotional topics usually elicit more conversation.


Talk about movies. Did they like the movie? How was the plot, the actors, the characters, the action? Was there a message?


Play word games. Pictionary Junior, Cranium, Tribond, 25 Words or Less, Family Feud, Jeopardy, Password, Trivial Pursuit or Trivial Pursuit Junior

     Timed games can be played without a time limit. Board games can be played with or without the board.

     If participants vary in their ability to talk, divide the groups into teams, with each team having people of varying levels of verbal ability


Another fun word activity is magnetic poetry. Each piece has a word on it - try to make a sentence or poem using your pieces.

Blow up a crossword puzzle and try to solve it as a group.



For nonverbal activities, play games such as cards, dominos, Uno (don't time the Uno!), pick up sticks, Connect 4.