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Bill of Rights

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Aphasia Bill of Rights

      Adobe Acrobat .pdf
English English Aphasia Bill of Rights Rights-English.pdf
español Spanish Afasia Derechos Rights-espanol.pdf
日本語 Japanese 失語症にやさしい権利 Rights-Japanese.pdf
한국어  Korean 실어증 환자의 권리 Rights-Korean.pdf
русский Russian    
简体中文 Simplified Chinese 症患者 Rights-Chinese-sim.pdf
繁體中文 Traditional Chinese  失語症患者權益 Rights-Chinese-Trad.pdf 























Aphasia Bill of Rights




You have the right to:


Be told that you have aphasia.


Get it in writing.


Be told about resources.


Get therapy.


Give informed consent for research.


Have health professionals who know 

how to talk to you.



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