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Many people with Aphasia have amazing accomplishments!

Here are some people with aphasia and links to their websites. 


Aphasia Blog by Robert M

Stroke-Aphasia Blog This blog also lists references to aphasia in movies, TV and entertainment.



Lou Albert is a stroke survivor with a web site



Paul Berger is a stroke survivor. He is the author of several books, including "How to Conquer the World With One Hand and an Attitude" and "You Can Do It! 105 Thoughts, Feelings and Solutions to Inspire You" http://www.strokesurvivor.com/index.html 


Kate Conway has a card company. You can find her contact information at http://www.ktc-cards.com/ Her friends made a blog describing the early stages of her recovery at http://www.wakeupkate.org/updates/  


Peter Cornelis started the Hope for Stroke organization to help other stroke survivors and co-survivors. He has a monthly e-newsletter that reaches out to stroke survivors. To learn more, go to http://www.hope4stroke.com  


Kathy Hughes is the author of "God Isn't Finished With Me Yet" Kathy suffered aphasia from a head injury and wrote about her experiences. To read a review of her book, go to http://www.bianj.org/personalaccounts.html

and scroll down to "God Isn't Finished With Me Yet" To learn a little more about Kathy Hughes, go to her Profile at http://hometown.aol.com/khughesj/myhomepage/profile.html  

To order a copy of the book directly from the author, go to http://hometown.aol.com/khughesj/myhomepage/ 


Edwin B. Jelks wrote an e-book about the experience of having a stroke. He did not have aphasia, but he wrote movingly about his hemiplegia and mental changes. You can read his e-book "On Being Struck By A Stoke - Causing My Body To Go On Strike" at http://www.strokesurvivor.org/being_struck.htm  


Winston Jerome Lindsley had stroke during surgery for an aortic aneurysm repair. He creates DVD's in the area of aphasia. You can learn more about Winston and his work at http://www.wingoglobal.com/docs/aphasia.html


Barbara Newborn had a stroke at the age of 21. She wrote a book about her experience "Return to Ithaca: A Woman's Triumph Over the Disabilities of a Severe Stroke." Today she is a yoga instructor. http://www.gardensofyoga.com/Healing.html  


Herb Silverman had a stroke at the age of 27. After many years of recovery and life experience, he is now a senior product and IT specialist, and a motivational speaker. Read what Herb says at http://www.aphasiahope.org/experience.jsp?id=39





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